【JOC Newsletter 001 / Japan Open Chain】 B Dash Crypto 2023 Panel Report - "Launching Japan's Stablecoin! - The Web3 Revolution Sweeping the Financial Industry!?"

Welcome to the "JOC Newsletter" by Japan Open Chain, where we bring you updates on Japan Open Chain's activities. In this first  edition, we are thrilled to share a report from the "B Dash Crypto 2023 SPRING SAPPORO," Japan's largest invitation-only conference held from May 24th to 26th, 2023, featuring prominent leaders and influencers from the internet industry. During the event, JOC Founder and G.U. Technologies CEO, Mr. Kondo, took the stage in a session dedicated to Stablecoins. Let's dive into the highlights of his presentation.

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■ Session Content

In a session titled "Launching Japan's Stablecoin! - The Web3 Revolution Sweeping the Financial Industry!?" held in light of the amended Fund Settlement Act enforced on June 1st, focusing on Stablecoin from Japan, which is attracting attention not only from web3 industry but also from domestic and international financial industry and major media. The following topics were predominantly discussed:

  • What are stable coins?
  • Types and characteristics of legally-backed Japanese stablecoins
  • Efforts by domestic banks to issue stable coins
  • Social changes brought about by the spread of stablecoins

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The full-scale circulation of Stablecoins may bring significant transformations not only to the financial industry but to the entire business landscape, including remittances and payments. In this context, the specific impacts and future prospects were passionately discussed by Mr. Sekiguchi from the Nikkei, serving as the moderator, along with Mr. Okabe from JPYC, Mr. Kawai from Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Foreign Law Joint Enterprise, and Mr. Saito from Progmat / Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank.

This session provided a valuable opportunity for those interested in the launch of Stablecoins in Japan's financial industry.

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