【JOC Newsletter 009/Japan Open Chain】4th BLOCKCHAIN EXPO TOKYO 2023 (Autumn) Speaker & Exhibition Report

Welcome to the JOC Newsletter by Japan Open Chain, where we bring you updates on Japan Open Chain's activities. In 009, At the 4th BLOCKCHAIN EXPO (Autumn), the largest blockchain exhibition in Japan held at Makuhari Messe in Japan on October 25th to 27th, 2023. We would like to introduce a report from the day of the event.


■ Talk Sessions and Seminars at the Booth

We had dialogues with validators, cryptocurrency exchanges, and web3 development partners on various aspects of Japan Open Chain's domestic and international activities, use cases, initiatives in stablecoin issuance by financial institutions, NFT projects, IEO, and more.

  • "The Future of Japan Open Chain" – Interlocutor: Mr. Asayama, Dentsu
  • "IEO and Practical Aspects of Japan Open Chain" & "Practical Aspects of JOC Token's IEO" –Interlocutor: Mr. Takayama & Mr. Kumagai, BitTrade
  • "Revitalizing Local Areas with NFTs - Honest Conversations and Challenges" & "Expectations for JOC" –Interlocutor: Mr. Kawamura, CORGEAR Co.Ltd
  • "Digital Banks and Stablecoins: Providing 'Valuable Connections' to Everyone" – Interlocutor: Mr. Shibuya, Minna no Ginko 
  • "Japan Open Chain Validator Talk - Kyoto University of Arts" – Interlocutor: Mr. Yoshida, Kyoto University of Arts
  • "Talk Session JOC×NFT Garden" – Interlocutor: Mr. Ishii, NFT Garden
  • "Talk Session JOC×SUSHI TOP" – Interlocutor: Mr. Tokunaga, SUSHI TOP MARKETING

Beyond talk sessions and seminars, numerous visitors showed interest in Japan Open Chain's initiatives, coming to our booth for information and opinion exchange.



■ Contact Information

For utilizing Bank-issued Stablecoins, exploring web3 services using NFTs, or expressing interest in participating as a validator in Japan Open Chain, please contact us.

▶︎ Contact Form: https://www.japanopenchain.org/en/contact


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