【JOC Newsletter 006/Japan Open Chain] Everyone Can Use Japan Open Chain!

Welcome to the "JOC Newsletter" by Japan Open Chain, where we bring you updates on Japan Open Chain's activities. In this issue, "Everyone Can Use Japan Open Chain" we explain how to use JOC dashboard.

Have you ever used Japan Open Chain (JOC) ?

Do you think that "Only Validators" or "Only people in Japan" can use JOC?

JOC as Ethereum‐Compatible Public Chain, Everyone can use JOC!

How to use Japan Open Chain (JOC)

-------------- 【Mainnet】-------------- 

After connecting to your Wallet from "Login" in the upper right corner of the top page of the official JOC website, you will enter JOC dashboard.

Get JOC Membership NFT on JOC Dashboard

Get a native token provided by G.U.Technologies Inc.

Go to G.U. Endpoint Service page and Confirm a free Endpoint or Create a New Endpoint

Connect to Endpoint

-------------- 【Testnet】-------------- 

Following chains are available for testing as they operate on the same standard as Japan Open Chain.

Testnet "G.U. Sandbox Chain": https://www.gu.net/sandboxchain/



■ Contact Information

For financial institutions considering the issuance of Stablecoins, businesses utilizing Stablecoins, exploring web3 services using NFTs, or expressing interest in participating as a validator in Japan Open Chain, please feel free to contact us.

▶︎ Contact Form: https://www.japanopenchain.org/en/contact


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